CMR Global Group Services recognizes the prevalence of international delegations attending U.S.based medical conventions and trade shows, and therefore strives to serve the international community by providing customized group housing & registration, as well as onsite support and global marketing initiatives to our international client base.

CMR Global Group Services provides specialized fulfillment of an international delegation's services needs through three office locations with a team of multilingual meeting planning professionals in Miami, San Francisco and Belgrade. CMR Global Group Services primarily serves CMR's medical association clients whose U.S. based meetings attract a large number of international attendees; requiring unique group housing, registration and ancillary service needs.

CMR GGS has been strategically structured to book and help facilitate the management of international group housing while providing the added benefits and savings that come with booking through the Association's official housing block. Booking through CMR Global Group Services allows you to take advantage of secured favorable hotel rates with all-inclusive travel packages at preferred properties, access easy online room management, secured payment processing, and the preferential treatment standard at CMR GGS hotels. Booking through the official housing block also reduces operational conflicts and overall administrative worries. We can also extend ground and ancillary services to our international delegations, including dining, VIP and special services.
e-mail: info@cmr-globalgroupservice.com